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Regina Koppe Schanzendorfer Str. 9B, D-28307 Bremen Germany 

Who we are


The small publishing company edition hist.de was founded in August 2002 and it`s main objective is to publish the Hanover Census of 1852 both in German and English booklets.

My name is Regina Koppe (40 years old) and I work on this project with my husband Jens Mueller-Koppe (40 years old). Together with our sons Malte (16 years) and Jonas (13 years) we live in the nice suburbian neighbourhood Mahndorf just east of Bremen. Mahndorf was part of the Hanover Kingdom as well, so that we actually live on the territory the 1852 census had been taken.

Since 1999 we live on professional genealogical and historical research for clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and some other countries. Jens is an historian, who had worked at the University of Bremen before we started our own buisiness "Historical Research Services (HRS), Germany". We both have a lot of experience with research at dozends of church, state and town archives all over North Germany. We would be happy if you would take a look at our HRS website and would consider hiring us for in-depth research at German sources. But even if you don`t it surely would worth a minute to take a look at the HRS website, especially on the section about preserved parish registers in Northwest Germany.

Back to the census project: We work and will work on this project whenever we have time available besides our genealogical reasearch services. As you surely can imagine the growing database is of key importance and of great use for our genealogical research. You can therfore be sure that we will do our best to push this project forward step by step and Amt by Amt.     


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