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1852 Hanover Census Project Progress
March 31, 2010

Here you will find some general information about the status of the 1852 Hanover Census project.
We will try to update this progress page from time to time.

Today (March 31, 2010) we have:

69.694 people in our census database - representing about 4 % of the Hanover inhabitants
(the complete Ämter Achim, Harsefeld, Horneburg, Hoya, Lemförde, Martfeld, Schwarme and Winsen/Aller plus the towns of Bodenwerder, Bremervörde and Buxtehude, plus parts of the Amt Ottersberg)

32.192 people in booklets which are in print
(Achim part 1-6, Hoya part 1-3, and Martfeld part 1-7, town of Bodenwerder)

32.192 people in the HSI (Hanover Surname Index)
(complete Ämter Achim, Hoya, Martfeld and Bodenwerder)

Planned for deciphering and edition of the following Ämter:

Amt Ottersberg, Amt Bersenbrück, Amt Friedeburg, town of Alfeld
(this is not a fixed priority list and the list of the Ämter we will work on might be changed from time to time)

The project is not far away from the starting line right now. But we think that it is already of value for a number of Hanover researchers.

By checking this website from time to time, you will get all news about the progress of this project first hand.  


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