Information about North German Genealogy

Here are some websites for Genealogy in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg which are really worth to visit.


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Historical information, adresses, literature and information about Bremen genealogy. The starting site to visit for everybody who wants to do genealogical research in Bremen. Start here and add a visit at the website of the "Maus" (below) and you will have a very good collection of Bremen genealogy sources.

Die Maus e.V. - Genealogical society of Bremen (English)
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A lot of information about the members, activities and holdings of the genealogical society of Bremen. Databases for 20th century emigration, for old Bremen records and some parishes around Bremen. An exellent source for everything which has to do with genealogical research in Bremen.

Lower Saxony

LOWER SAXONY German Genealogy Home Page: Niedersachsen (English)
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This site contains a number of relevant adresses (archives, genealogical societies and libraries), information about parish registers and an extensive list of literature about Lower Saxony genealogy.

Genealogical Research in the PROVINCE OF HANNOVER (English)
This site contains a very good collection of relevant web sites, mailing lists, genealogical societies, references and maps. This site is written from the American point of view on Hannoverian genealogical research. It describes what kind of information are available (from the FHC) and the approaches and problems in doing genealogical research in Hannover (from the USA). This website is up-to-date and very useful.

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Historical informations, adresses, literature - for instance a complete list of all East Frisian "Ortssippenbücher". A very good introduction for everybody who is interested and involved in East Frisian Genealogy.

History and genealogical sources of the Fürstbistum Osnabrück. Full of information about this region in southwest Lower Saxony!
Unfortunately the section about the preserved Lutheran and Catholic parish registers has been excluded after the site moved and taken over my a new administrator. This is not the fault of the very active and deserving aministrator Fred Rump, though.

History and genealogical sources of the small county (since 1807 principality) of Schaumburg-Lippe. A very detailed collection of references to all relevant sources both in archives and on the internet.

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde (English and German)
This site of the Oldenburg genealogical society contains a map of the Duchy of Oldenburg, list of the publications included in the series “Oldenburgische Familienkunde” and a database of emigrants from the former Grandduchy of Oldenburg.


HAMBURG (German)
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Deutsche Genealogie: Hamburg (in German). Introduction about genealogical relevant information in Hamburg.


Deutsches Auswandererhaus (English and German)
Historical museum for emigration from Germany (especially Bremerhaven) to America.

DAUSA: Research Center German Emigrants in the USA (English)
The German version:
DAUSA: Forschungsstelle Deutsche Auswanderung in die USA
This site is a must for everybody who is researching immigration from Lower Saxony to America (or German emigration to the USA in general). It is located at the University of Oldenburg and owns not only 1586 rolls of microfilms with passenger lists (from the National Archive, Washington D.C.) but also extensive literature, collections of emigrant`s letters and diaries.
Critical discussion about "Germans to America" (Glazier/Filby) included.

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