Professional Genealogical Research in Germany

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The Edition of the 1852 Hanover Census

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This genealogical research service in North Germany would like to help you to ...

Research areas


*   Locate historical places in Germany 

Information needed for a good start


*   Trace the relevant parish and civil registers in archives and vicarages 

Research report example


*   Find the entries which allow you to add as much ancestors to your pedigree as possible 



*   Learn about the villages and towns were your forefathers came from 

What`s new?


*   Collect information about your family out of tax rolls, military documents, etc. 



*   Transcript and translate your documents

Individual Heritage Tours


*   Plan and organize individual Heritage Tours to the places of your family roots 

Guided Research


*   Assistance for your family research in the archives

  Information about North German Genealogy
In this section you will find information about sources for genealogical research in Bremen and Lower Saxony (like lists of preserved Parish Registers for Hannover, Oldenburg and East Frisia) which you won`t find elsewhere on the web, plus a limited number of annotated genealogical links. There will be additions frequently! So don`t miss to look on this site from time to time!

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