How much will you have to pay?

Please be sure that we will do our very best to convince you with

*           special, personal service

*           qualified work based on my experience as an historian

*           on-site knowledge about records, historical literature and archives

*           full documentation of research results that you won`t find everywhere

Just try and test the Historical Research Services
We hope that the research done by us and the results will convince you
that it worth paying for professional genealogical research.

Fees on a per hour-basis:
19 % Mehrwetsteuer (VAT) has to be added for EU residents

Per hour of on-site research in parishes, State archives, etc.

35,00 Euro

US $ 52.50

Per hour of office work
(most of the office work is for complete documentation in a research report – see the Research Report examples)

29,00 Euro

US $ 43.50

Per hour of travelling time

20,00 Euro

US $ 30.00

Travelling per km

0,28 Euro

US $ 0.42

You will have to pay only after you get the results.
This is based on our believe in the honesty of our clients and we are endeavouring to reduce the risk on your side this way.

For longer research trips (two or more days) there is
an additional overnight stay fee of US $ 75.00 / Euro 50.00
For document copies, charges of archives, postage, etc.
you will have to pay only the costs which we actually have to pay.


Please pay per direct, wired money transfer, money order, international payable cheque, VISACARD or MASTER CARD.

Other currency than US $ or Euro will be accepted on demand.

After more than two years of a declining USD rate to the Euro we had to change our USD fee schedule from January 1, 2008 on. This change means that we will now charge and get the same amount of money for Euro and USD research orders again. Our fees have been – if calculated in our currency Euro – stable since January 1, 2004.

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Jens Müller-Koppe
Oslebshauser Heerstr. 147
D - 28329 Bremen
phone: +49-421-577 80 20