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Finding your ancestors or living relatives in Germany is nearly impossible if you don`t have access to the primary sources like church and civil registers, tax rolls, military documents, passenger lists, etc. These sources are often well preserved in state or church archives here in Germany. Therefore, if you know the name of an ancestor and the place where he came from it will be possible in many cases to trace back the roots of your family to the 17th century.

I would like to provide for you professional research assistance to reach this goal. After I had worked as a lecturer and research assistant at the history department of the University of Bremen I started my own business as a full-time genealogist and historical researcher on 15th January 1999. Although my research service business is only 6 years old now, I have many years of experience in family history research, biographical research, transcription (deciphering old handwriting) and archive investigations. I am a member of the "Gesellschaft für Familienforschung `Die Maus` e.V., Bremen" which has one of the best genealogical libraries in Germany. Since August 2004 Ines Weißenberg, a qualified historian, has joined me to work at "Historical Research Services". Her experience in doing archive research and in doing biographical research at the university means that we can provide even more and better research assistance now. Last but not least my wife, Regina Koppe, is an important member of our team. She does office work, professional transcriptions and developped a good, often crucial sense of discussing and solving complicated genealogical questions during the past two years. And she is the one who is responsible for our ambitious 1852 census project for the Kingdom of Hanover.

Depending on your research aims we will search for relevant sources and select the ones which promise the best research results. We will work out a sketched research plan with estimated costs - for free - in order to give you an idea of what can be done in your special case. The main part of our job is to go to church or state archives where thousands of parish registers and other worthful sources for the family researcher are kept. We can provide access to sources which have never been filmed - and this is still true for the great majority of genealogical relevant sources in Northern Germany.

Details about our researching team

If you need help in transcription and translating historical documents, or if you want me to write a whole family or village history, just ask me for an offer.

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