of the "Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche in Nordwestdeutschland"

The Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche in Nordwestdeutschland is one of the five main churches in today`s Lower Saxony. This Calvinistic-Protestant (or Dutch Reformed) church is mainly concentrated in the western part of East Frisia – the area which had very close relations to the Netherlands. The city Emden, the towns Leer and Weener and the regions "Krummhörn" and "Rheiderland" are the reformed strongholds. Please note that besides Emden and Leer there was only one (Lutheran or Reformed) church in each town or village. This meant that someone who moved from a Reformed village to a Lutheran one had to change his confession. For the Lutheran parishes in East Frisia please take a look at the section "Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Hannover".

Besides the five East Frisian church districts, there are five other districts of the Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche in Nordwestdeutschland (Bentheim, Lingen, Bovenden and two church districts for wide spread parishes in other Lower Saxonian towns). Parish registers for those church districts have not been listed on this page yet. But 76 of 128 parishes of the Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche in Nordwestdeutschland are located in East Frisia – and they can be found here.

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Church District I
Borkum, Campen, Canum, Cirxwehrum, Emden, Freepsum, Gross-Midlum, (Emden-)Larrelt, Logumer Vorwerk, Rysum, Twixlum, Westerhusen, Woltzeten, Wybelsum
Church District II
Eilsum, Greetsiel, Grimersum, Groothusen, Hamswehrum, Jennelt, Manslacht, Norden-Lütetsburg, Pilsum, Upleward Uttum, Visquard, Wirdum
Church District III
Aurich, Bedekaspel, (Emden-)Borssum, Canhusen, Gandersum, Hinte, Jarssum, Loppersum, Oldersum, Rorichum, Simonswolde, Suurhausen-Marienwehr, Tergast, (Emden-)Uphusen, (Emden-)Wolthusen
Church District IV
Driever, Dykhausen-Neustadt Gödens, Esklum, Grosswolde, Grotegaste, Ihrhove, Leer, Leerort (Garnisonsgemeinde), Loga-Nettelburg, Mitling-Mark, Neermoor, Nüttermoor, Veenhusen
Church District V
Böhmerwold, Bunde, Critzum, Ditzumerverlaat, St- Georgiwold, Hatzum, Jemgum, Kirchborgum, Klein-Midlum, Landschaftspolder, Marienchor, Nendorp, Oldendorp, Stapelmoor, Vellage, Weener, Weenermoor, Wymeer

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